Welcome to 2016 in Area 9!!! A new year with new students - Join us on our blogging journey as we discover what its like to be a Senior at Taita Central School.

4/1/2016     Thursday           
Hi my name is Brody and I am 9 years and I cool friends like                               Siaosi, Loto, Natten, Luke, Pule, Josef and Taylor and also I Got the best class in my School Area 9  and the best teachers Bev and Mr Taylor.
4.2.16 Hey guys my name is Eunice I am 9 turning 10 years old. My favourite game is Mine craft. I was born on August the 16, I go to Taita central school it is the best school I have ever went to so far. My favourite food is KFC they make the best chicken I have ever tasted. My teacher here is Mr Taylor I am in area 9. I am a girl, I use to live at Auckland but now I live here in Wellington. My dad is the leader of our church he started the church on 2014 2 years ago, we only had two people in our church back then. I am Tongan but I have not been to Tonga though. My best friends are Onosai and Nicole. I have 3 siblings one is 15 one is 5 and one is 6. My mum works at a kindergarten and my dad works at a painting shop. Sometime…

Blogs, blogs and more blogs.

A bit about Jirah 25/8/2015 Today at before morning tea we read a story about a boy named Ryder who is trying to get more water for his family. He is so caring, he was at school and when it finished he looked on the hill and saw all the dried trees and one of the trees had cans on them for the birds to drink their water but in the cans there were no water because it was a drought season. That is a season that does not have rain in it so he poured out his water in the cans from his water bottle and that’s probably something I would  do  because I love birds and animals and when I grow up I want to be a photographer and take pictures of animal , birds and also people and trees and yeah that’s all goodbyeJJJ.

A Look at Tanisha
27.4.2015 Kia Ora, My name is Tanisha and I am 10 years old. I go to the best school ever called Taita Central School! I have been at Taita Central School since I was 5 years old, I love Taita Central School. This year I’m a year six. My teacher is Mr Taylor and he is a…

Snapshot of diary entries from us.

A Snapshot look at Rayden’s day
Tuesday 1st September 2015 This week it is portfolio week and it is when you do your work in your portfolio and it is cool because it is more neat and it looks professional and it is really cool to have in school so we did our writing (cool!!!) and I already did that so I got to read and it was about the book of world records and human achievementsit is really cool and sometimes its hard to read but that is the reason I like the book because you don’t know what is going to happen  next and after that we did our maths and it was for portfolio week and out of a 100 I got 91!!! That is pretty  good for a year six and it was so cool when I got that cause I  was just focused on the maths and nothing else and I thought that I was going to be last but I didn’t it was amazing today was cool and it was like I had some magic I could not believe it I was starting to look cool.


Hi from Mustafeez!  Today at school I study math’s and English test. My favourite tea…

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